Monday, September 30, 2013

Leave Your Computer Chair: How to Play Social Media on Multi-devices?

Every day, you have to spend 8 hours on your office desk, 8 hours on your bed, 1.5 hours on your dinning table, 1 hour in your car, and maybe 1 hour in your bathroom. 

You see, you already spend 19.5 hours in a 24 hours day. Would you like to spend the other 4.5 hours on your computer desk for checking Facebook? My answer is no, and I want to move a step!

Let's Move A Step!

Yes, social media is a part of your life right now, and every one would like to connect with their friends on social media! But how can we leave our computer chairs when we are using social media?

Someday, a smart guy got an idea: why don't we move social media to other devices?

This idea had come true. Now we can enjoy social media on our desktop, laptop, mobile phone and tablet.

Sync, Sync, Sync.

Sync is a distinct characteristic of social media on multi-devices. It includes wide means in the social media world: 1) Log in your social media account on more than one device in the same time. 2) Find your previous action on another device, like the draft of blog. 3) Receive information from others in the same time...

Notification function is an simple example for sync. When you find a notification on the social media page your laptop, you can also find it on your phone. Once you check this notification, the "notification mark" will disappear form both of your laptop and phone.

Location - Mobile Devices' Exclusive.

For some social media, you can also find the location services on your desktop or laptop. But the real sense of location service only exists on your mobile devices. 

Base on the location service, you can use a huge number of practical functions on your mobile devices: receive local news, check current location on map, write status with location, label current location on your photo, get nearby recommendations on Yelp and so on.

If there is no location service, there is no Yelp. Because people would like to use Yelp in the following two situations mostly: 1) They are staying somewhere without restaurants and bars. 2) They are staying somewhere with countless restaurants and bars. In these situations, people meet problems in the geography perspectives, that is why do they need the help of location services. Obviously, location service become an important part of social media, it has a huge potential market.

Social Anytime and Anywhere.

More and more social medias concentrate on their mobile user experiences. Especially the social media apps, they got fast development in the recent years, because they can take the unique and satisfying services to users. This picture of statistic shows the development of social media on different devices in the last year. We can see that in the social media world, mobile apps become the most popular services. 

For some social medias, you can only use them on your mobile devices. If you know Wechat, you could know the unique charm of mobile social media.

This video is a brief introduction of Wechat. In China, young people love this social media a lot, because it is super convenient. 

Do Something that You Cannot Do on Your Desktop.

Do you know "Send Me to Heaven (S.M.T.H)"? This is a kind of social media app which can only use on your mobile devices. Click and watch this Teaching Video, and you will know why you cannot do it on you desktop.

As what we saw on this teaching video, "Send Me to Heaven" is an app which encourages people to throw their mobile devices as higher as they can. People can compete with their friend, or check their world ranking. When you compete with others, you will get the motivation to play it, and business advertising will get the chance to hug you. 

Running distance competition and nearby event, they are also great services on your mobile devices, but not on your desktop. More and more social media services are being designed, base on the special characteristics of mobile devices. More and more marketing and PR elements are also coming to this new field.

Thank to your mobile devices, and do not send your laptop to heaven. 

Social Media, Multi-devices, Marketing and PR Industry. 

According to the unique characteristics of each personal devices, companies will know their potential customers in more detail. When people are using their social media, the companies can record what kind of device they are using, in what time they are using it, and what content they are viewing. Base on the multidimensional analysis, companies will be able to design better marketing strategies, and find the right way to build relationships with the users. 

For example, I usually use Yelp's nearby function on my phone at 6:00 pm on Friday. This action might to reflect the following information: I like bars and restaurants after work, I have a group of friend who are gathering together usually, what styles of restaurant I would like to go. So Yelp can push the relevant information to me, give me some recommendations of relevant bars and restaurants. Of course, these bars and restaurants have cooperation with Yelp, and they will get increasing in their marketing and PR by this way.

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  1. This is a really interesting post and it made me realize how much I depend on my smartphone. I think the part about Yelp struck me the hardest because I use that app all the time. Before I had a smartphone, I was always looking up restaurants etc. in advance on my computer so that I would know where to go when I was in a certain area. But now I know I can just use the location device in my phone to send me to good restaurants in the area. This is the same with the navigation system all smartphones have. We have become so dependent on these forms of technology that I wonder sometimes what would happen if it all got taken away. Would we be able to survive?